Fire Equipment Testing

City of Los Angeles - Fire Chief Regulation

What steps you need take: Regulation 4 testing.

In the City of Los Angeles ONLY- Regulation 4 testing is time sensitive with the fire testing timeline.

Please read below for Regulation 4 General info.

1. You have received the notice of violation from the City of Los Angeles Fire Dept.

2. Call us regarding your testing requirements or violations?

3. We will ask to fax or email your notice of violation to 818.541.9070 fax or email at – We should response immediately after we received your letter. Please provide your contact information.

4. Contact info required: Name of business, name of contact, phone #, fax and address of the site.

5. A Certified Tester will call you after reviewing the letter or you can call for an over the phone consultation.

6. We usually can give you a quote over the phone or if the situation permits we would come to your location.

7. If you agree with our services we will send a proposal.

8. Scheduling test – Fire departments require 48 hours notice that they will be testing your facility.

9. After testing – We prepare a report for you and the Fire department. Tester has 7 days to submit the results to the fire department.

10. Should there be any defects, we can also provide you with a quote. Please be advised that all defects or repairs are required to be fixed within 30 days of inspection.

11. Once all is complete we certify the system. Then report the certification directly to the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

We cover the following Tests

Categories under Reg 4:

Fire Hydrants (Private)

Fire Escape Assemblies

Central Station Signaling Systems

Automatic Closing Doors

Communication Systems (Firefighter and Building)

Elevators, Automatic (Phase I and II)

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Fire Pumps

Fire Protective Signaling Systems

Pressure Regulating Valves

Standpipe Systems and Fire Pump Function Test

Smoke Management Systems

Sprinkler Systems, Automatic