Fire Protection Systems Testing & Inspection

Providing fire equipment testing to residents in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and Los Angeles.

Need Fire Protection System Inspections?

We offer five-year certification, annual, semi-annual, quarterly inspection, monthly inspection and weekly inspection!

Does your facility require a Reg-4 testing?

CV Fire Protection offers Reg-4 testing. If you have received a notice from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department, call us today! If you haven’t received a notice and just need to schedule an inspection or test, we can talk to you about the test and schedule a time to visit your facility to perform the inspection.

The categories of test that we cover under Reg-4 are:

Combined Sprinkler& Standpipe Systems

Automatic Sprinkler System

Class II, Class III Standpipe System

Fire Alarm System

Central Station Signaling System

Automatic Closing fire Assemblies(Fire Doors)

Fire Escape Assembly

Elevators, Automatic (Phase I and II)

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Does your facility require a Title 19 Inspection?

CV Fire Protection offers 5-year Title 19 Testing & Certification. Have you received a notice of violation or need information on testing requirements? Call us today for information and to schedule an inspection.